Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for artwork?

We prefer CorelDraw or Illustrator, vector .eps or .ai files with bitmap resolution at least 150dpi at full size.  

How do I protect my wrap?

Please avoid using a power washer especially up close as it may start lifting the edges of the wrap. Be even more cautious with the perforated material used for windows.  Hand washing is always the best...

Will I be able to see through the windows once the vehicle is wrapped?

The window graphics are printed on a perforated material that allows the occupants to see out the windows. See our gallery section for examples of this vinyl.

What if I want to change a phone number or something else once the vehicle is wrapped?

If you plan to change certain items (dates, photos, etc.) of your wrap regularly, it is easiest to plan this from the beginning of the design process.  When things need to be changed that were not planned,...

What types of vehicles can you wrap?

We can wrap all types of vehicles including trailers and boats. If you are not sure, please

What are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps are full colour digital prints applied to vehicles using specially designed pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl. Digital printing allows you to put any image on your vehicles including photos,...

Why Use Vehicle Wraps for Advertising?

Vehicle wraps are the latest in new and exciting ways to promote your business and products.  Vehicles are mobile billboards that last can last for years or be changed out regularly.  Market research...

Is there a warranty on the vehicle wrap?

We offer the same warranty that our suppliers provide to us which are typically 3 years for those applied to painted surfaces and 1 year for those applied to glass.  

Will a Vehicle wrap damage the paint on a vehicle?

No. In reality, the wrap will protect the paint from UV rays and minor abrasions.  If your vehicle has recently been painted, it is important to allow the paint to cure properly before applying any type...

What’s the difference between partial wrap and a full wrap?

A partial wrap typically includes wrapping of the rear of the vehicle and a part of the sides of the vehicle. A hood logo is usually included. A full wrap includes the entirety of the vehicle not including...

How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

There are several factors that affect the cost of a wrap. Please contact us for pricing.  

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround times will vary based on the complexity and size of job. Time frames will always be provided on any quote.